The Be-Coming of NewMedia

Envisioning ArtForms for Be-Coming Ages;

                     The Spectre and The Fiance

Did you peak through the shutter?

Into the Pyre

Which is in soft focus—By candles

When the Spectre came in—They were there



Over there—On the bed

He said—Come see how I take

Your Fiancée

And it seemed to me

That she resisted—With all her might

That she cried—That she pleaded


Then she stopped—As if she had just

Experienced the fire

That which—Was her struggling

And—Started panting


As she held the Spectre to her shoulder

The Spectre—Being of that Phoenix

I could only see

The whites of her eyes

She had such power over my deity

When it was all over

She started to cry—Again

The Spectre—Then with great tears

Roared with laughter


The same thing was repeated





He got up

And the pyre was lit

I now could not miss it

My place in the rapture

That of Phoenix and his beautiful pyre

So as the pyre gets lit for the Phoenix

So does mine here on earth

Well there is my Fiancée—But

In my heart all I heard—Was

She is no longer Becoming—She


Been finalized

Then—I had to console her

And stroke her hair

She Let out a cry—Which almost—But

We Loved each other

She was so good to me

When I had

Even the slightest cold

She applied poultices